#3 One thing he hates but you love 
  • Niall: His laugh; He always had one of those adorable loud laughs no one can get over, it always disturbed the silence throughout the crowd, causing everyone to join him, laughing at nothing and everything. He thought it was obnoxious, but seeing you laugh at his cuteness, he couldn't help but never stop laughing.
  • Louis: His 'tummy'; He was always insecure of it, never being like the rest of the lads with a slim figured body and muscles. He was, him. He didn't like it, but everyone went crazy over it. He sorta just accepted it when you would hug his stature that was just a bit taller than yours and whisper how much it was something you loved. A pillow for those nights you slept through a film
  • Liam: His protective side; He was hurt when little, so that called for no one messing around with him or anyone he loved. Some times it got carried away when a simple lad was asking for a napkin, but you like when he was like this, a bit of jealousy and the superhero you needed. A perfect mix.
  • Harry: His jokes; He knows everything he says is pointless and stupid as a waste of time but to you, it was everything you looked forward to after a horrible day. Maybe one of those 'why did the chicken cross the road' ones mixed with slurred ones always found a way to humour you and him, the both of you smiling at the flaws you both loved.
  • Zayn: His smoking; It's bad for him, dangerous and life-threatening. You and him have attempted to stop his habits, but in reality it was sexy. The way the smoke lingers on from his clothes, when the cigarette was stumped in the ground a minty-fresh piece of gum with mix with the chemicals. A mixture you enjoyed once both lips were parted and the smell lingered on between the two of you.
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